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There's always something new at Lynne's Cards and Gifts, timeless and trendy toys, games, cards and gifts for all ages and occasions.

Tired of those "cookie cutter" stores where everything is the same––you could be in Detroit or Daytona, Long Island or LA... Well, Lynne's Cards and Gifts is different. Different from all the others and different every week.

Since January of 1989 I have been open 7 days a week, year round. I listen to people and try to keep changing in the right direction. I have hundreds of suppliers. I order small amounts, frequently. I don't specialize in having the cheapest items by the hundred. I have reasonably priced items in manageable quantities. This is why I don't sell online. You need to come in person to see what is here. 

From what my customers tell me, I have something special, irreplaceable. I have a slice of small town America that's hard to find nowadays. All of my employees feel the same way I do. We are happy to help our customers any way we can. We can recommend gifts or cards for any age or occasion. We love unusual requests (a card with a donkey on it?) and we'd be glad to help you too!

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